Two Sides of the Same Coin, By Alex Wallace

        Colonel Alex Wallace’s time as a Green Beret has taught him a multitude of skills including, strategic planning, operational excellence, risk management, global threat analysis, organizational change, and performance improvement. After his time overseas, him and his father now dedicate their time to hand building AK47’s and their variants, that is when he is not being contracted for defense and security projects.

Check out the video and article linked below to learn more about Wallace’s time as a Green Beret and his experience with the Automat-Kalashnikov weapons system.

Caption: Alex Wallace shares a toast with Speznaz Colonel after training

“FID/UW has often been described as “two sides of the same coin”, UW on one side working to overthrow an oppressive regime and FID on the other, working to assist host nation forces to counter hostile guerrilla forces.” 

Credit: Alex Wallace

Our Video With Alex, where he breaks down his experience with the AK and some of the things he’s done to make some of the best AK Builds you can get your hands on. 

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