W+F Swiss K11 SN:59200


  • W+F Bern, Switzerland
  • 7.5x55mm(GP11)
  • C&R Eligible
  • Produced in 1918
  • Very Good Condition

In stock


This particular rifle’s bore condition is excellent, finish shows the “tiger stripes” pattern on the top portion of the stock. there is mild wear on the butt end of the stock and receiver, as well as light patina on the butt plate and floor plate of the magazine. NRA grading criteria would be “very good” condition. This rifle features a polished wood stock with a warm auburn color. Sling and muzzle cover are included. Please refer to photos for markings and overall state. These are photos of the rifle you are buying. Some wear and markings may not appear in photos.

The K11 is a carbine variant of the Schmidt-Ruben straight-pull bolt action rifle series. Chambered in 7.5×55 Swiss, This rifle features composite charging handle knobs, smooth action, a 5 round detachable box magazine,  sling mounts, and muzzle cover. Reliable, attractive and remarkably accurate, a K11 carbine like this is just the piece to fill out any enthusiasts collection. 

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W+F Bern Swiss Carbine K11 SN: 59200

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Weight 131 oz
Dimensions 43.5 × 3.5 × 4.75 in


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