W+F Swiss 1882 Revolver SN: 30258


  • W+F Bern, Switzerland
  • C&R Eligible
  • 7.55 Ordinance
  • Produced in 1927
  • Excellent Condition

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This war relic revolver’s bore condition is excellent, finish is intact with only very slight patina on the push rod. This is probably the best 1882 we have that does not come with a holster. NRA grading criteria would be “excellent”. Please refer to photos for markings and over all state. these are photos of the revolver you are buying. Some markings and wear may not appear in photos. This particular revolver has wooden grips, blued steel finish, 6 shot capacity, and a very unique and interesting load gate and push rod design that enables the operator to rotate the cylinder to extract spent casings and reload  by pulling the trigger without engaging the hammer.

First issued in 1882, these 6 round capacity revolvers fire a black powder 7.55 mm swiss ordinance round and were originally designed for non cavalry officers, but was later issued to non commissioned officers and general crew members of certain units in the Swiss military. All of these features and the overall condition of this revolver would please any curio or war relic collector.

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W+F Swiss Model 1882 Revolver SN: 30258

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