RPK Non Matching # Parts Kit


  • Not available to customers in Washington
  • A Grade Romanian Parts Kit
  • Hammer Forged Trunnion
  • 7.62×39
  • Cold War Era

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RPK Kits just in. There are only 15 available at the time of publishing. We have had to increase the price on these kits due to rising procurement, de-militarization and shipping cost. These kits are also in much better condition than our last batch and the photos above these photos are of the previous batch of RPK; and come with cleaning rods included. This might be one of your last chances to get an original Romanian RPK parts as the are becoming more and more scarce. 

These RPK’s were produced in the 60’s, ’70s and ’80s. All internal parts of a vintage RPK that can be sold come in this kit, and all parts are in fair to good condition, with some of the handguards and gas tubes embellished with engravings from when they were first issued to Romanian soldiers! These kits are high-quality, and will make a significant contribution to your collection of COMBLOC weapons. The serial numbers are not matching, and some components (rivets, sear, receiver, barrel) must be purchased to complete this kit. 

Due to varying state and federal laws, some original components cannot be shipped with this parts kit to all areas. See additional information for more details. It is your responsibility to be aware of laws and restrictions in your state.

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Weight 130 oz
Dimensions 11 × 6 × 3 in


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