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Romanian md.65 Under-folder


  • Romanian Under-Folder AKM
  • 7.62×39
  • Hammer forged trunnion
  • Swipe for dong pics
  • Factory, finish, prietenul meu

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This Iconic Romanian Pistol Mitralieră AK-47 variant is made with our hand-picked matching numbers (bolt, bolt carrier, front trunnion and dust cover) parts kits. Each kit is  severely scrutinized before being chosen to build a rifle. The parts are hand selected from an inventory of hundreds if not thousands of kits.
Chambered in it’s original caliber (7.62×39), each rifle is built on a US made receiver (Morissey) with a US made nitride finish barrel with original 1:9.45 rifling. A US made muzzle device and fire control group (trigger, hammer and disconnector) are utilized so the rifle is 922(r) compliant even when using foreign magazines. All rifles are built on original Soviet era hammer forged trunnions.  Trigger and hammer mating surfaces are polished  for a smooth trigger pull, the hammer is also re-profile the for improved action.
The rifles are finished with black oxide treatment to return it to that original factory look, but the build doesn’t stop there!
Wooden furniture is stripped down, hand sanded removing majority of knick’s and dings while some trench graffiti is left for an authentic look, the wooden furniture is then stained and resealed with polyurethane.
With the trigger work put in these function better than the original issued md.65’s, and any US made AK especially when you consider that all of the the internals have already been stress tested.
All rifle’s are function tested and test fired before leaving the shop.
These Pistol Mitralieră md.65 are meticulously refinished, and one of a kind pieces of history.

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Weight 176 oz
Dimensions 38 × 12 × 4 in