HDM 1050 Protector

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  • 12Gauge
  • 3″ Magnum Rated
  • True AR Platform Shotgun
  • Semi-Automatic
  • Mag Fed


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The HDM 1050 Protector semi auto 12 gauge shotgun does what its competitors cant.

Truly based on the AR platform, this awesome shotgun features front and rear takedown pins and a removeable free float handguard that enables you to clean and swap internal parts without removing the barrel from the receiver, making spring, piston and other part changes a simple and quick process. The buffer system in the stock mitigates a large portion of the recoil, allowing you to sustain fire while keeping shots on target and keeps the stress low on your shooting arm. The 1050 also includes a “light load” piston and buffer spring for smaller size birdshot and other low brass rounds. the skeletonized magazine well and polymer butt stock reduce the weight of the shotgun, making for a less cumbersome weapon while hunting, competition shooting, or in a patrol or home defense scenario.

The pop up sights along the picatinny rail on the upper receiver are removable, clearing the way for your preferred optic, and the quad rail at the muzzle end provides ample space to attach lights, lasers, or foregrip attachments.

Included with  the 1050 is a mobile choke case containing smaller diameter chokes for tight shot grouping at distances suitable for pheasant, turkey, and waterfowl hunting as well as a large bore choke for slugs and “exotic” rounds. Rated for all shells up to 3″ magnum, this tactical shotgun is in a league of its own. 

Package Includes 1x5rd Mag, Mobile Choke case with No. 1-3-5 Chokes and a Key, Manual, Tool & Spare Piston and buffer spring for heavy loads.

Additional information

Weight 133 oz
Dimensions 39.17 in

12 Gauge


Gas Operated, Semi Automatic

Barrel Length


Magazine Capacity


Magazine Weight

11.64 oz

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    August 7, 2023
    Great looking shotgun. Fun to fire.Fast shipping.

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