AK-47 MD.65 Receiver Ready Non Matching # Kit


  • Not available to customers in Washington
  • B Grade Romanian Parts Kit
  • Hammer forged trunnion
  • 7.62×39
  • Cold War Era
  • New U.S. Made Barrel


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Due to varying state and federal laws, some original components cannot be shipped with this parts kit to all areas. See additional information for more details. It is your responsibility to be aware of laws and restrictions in your state.

We no longer have receiver ready matching kits, these parts kits may have some non matching serialized parts but should function just fine. 

Produced in the 60’s ’70s and ’80s in the Cugir and Sadu plants. This parts kit comes with the new U.S. made barrel, original hammer forged trunnion and is properly populated and head-spaced. All parts are fair to good condition, with some of the dong’s and gas tubes embellished with personalized engravings. These kits are high-quality and can make a significant contribution to your COMBLOC or  AK47 collection . Some components (rivets, sear, receiver) must be purchased to complete this kit. 

Additional information

Weight 128 oz
Dimensions 19.5 × 6 × 3.5 in
Matching Numbers

Trunnion, Bolt, Bolt carrier


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