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Two Sides of the Same Coin, By Alex Wallace

        Colonel Alex Wallace’s time as a Green Beret has taught him a multitude of skills including, strategic planning, operational excellence, risk management, global threat analysis, organizational change, and performance improvement. After his time overseas, him and his father now dedicate their time to hand building AK47’s and their variants, that is when he is not being contracted for defense and security projects. Check out the video and article linked below to learn more about Wallace’s time as a Green Beret and his experience with the Automat-Kalashnikov weapons system. Caption: Alex Wallace shares a toast with Speznaz Colonel… Read More »

Switzerland: Armed Neutrality, 200 Years of Peace, and the Legacy of Swiss Rifles in Central Europe

Imagine a country, nestled in the heart of Europe, untouched by the ravages of warfare or occupation for two centuries. That country is Switzerland, an exemplar of peace for the past 200 years, largely due to its robust policy of ‘armed neutrality’. During the tumult of the World Wars, the Swiss Franc—bolstered by substantial gold reserves—emerged as a beacon of stability. It was exchanged widely between both Allied and Axis powers, while Switzerland, in its fortress of neutrality, remained relatively insulated from the conflicts. Switzerland’s enduring peace rests on several pillars: economic stability, strategic geography, a diverse demographic, a service-driven… Read More »